Tuesday, October 22, 2013

happiest place

Being in Southern California for an International Baccalaureate Educator Conference
meant we had the perfect excuse to visit Disneyland for a bit
I will have to share more a little later, when I am not fighting exhaustion
because right now I am all happy and tired from another great trip to Disney
every experience with Everly is a little different and new
she has now been at three months, seven months, and eleven
and this time was the first trip that she would sit on my lap
hold on to the lap bar
and take in the ride, not like a baby
but sitting still, like a real little girl
we even took a moment at the end of our trip to take a little walk
but as I learned a few days ago, don't let the little lady down to walk
unless you are dedicated to her walking for as long as she wants
because once she gets a taste of walking freedom
she does not want to be held
oh everly, we love you
thanks for being awesome, and being so good to your tired mama!

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