Monday, October 28, 2013

oh hey, I'm 52 weeks old!

 That's right folks. 
 Today officially means I am one week away from one!
Lately, I've been all about waving hi and bye to people
and there were even a few times when mom asked me to say hi
and I actually waved
I think my parents are starting to realize how much I really understand
what they say to me
even if I still choose when I'm going to respond
because let's face it, I like doing my own thing
speaking of my own thing
I am now walking all over the place
I have literally walked around the entire house without stopping
the only problem with me walking [according to my parents]
is I now want down, everywhere
and once I'm down, do not pick me up, or I will most likely freak out
[which means mom has had to get over me on the ground
outside of the house pretty quickly]
at home I am starting to be quite the climber
and I am clearly going to be a tom-boy like my mom
because I love playing in the dirt and exploring outdoors
I also love army crawling underneath the sofas
and finding all sorts of treasures
I'm also working on snuggling and giving hugs

^mom & I at 11 months and 3 months^

^when we approve of something, we say "oooh"^

today we were too busy doing some shopping for my party
so instead, I'll just share some photos from our trip to Disneyland last week
next time you will hear from me, I'll be one!
-Everly Mae

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