Wednesday, November 13, 2013

today we say goodbye Craig

Well, I will keep this short and sweet because I have family to get to, but today, I have to say goodbye to someone very special to my family, our Uncle Craig.  His passing is sudden, and exactly the way he would have wanted it.  He joked that his body was done here on Earth, and he was ready for what was next, but for those of us around him, we are not ready for him to be gone.  Craig welcomed me into the family immediately, and he is the reason for this blog.  When I first started teaching Craig would listen to hours of my stories from the classroom and always said that I should write them down, and one day, maybe write a book.  Well, I took that advice and started this little blog.  And as silly as it sounds, I love this thing.  It has morphed recently from my profession into the greatest diary of my daughter, and I am so thankful that I have chosen to record my life in this way.  So for now, we will allow ourselves to be sad, try to pick up the pieces from his passing, and remember what an amazing son, father, uncle, and friend he was to those around him.
I hope wherever your energy is now is as amazing as you hoped.

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  1. goodbyes are so hard... my grandma passed away in august and i miss her everyday... thinking of you and your family during this time...