Monday, November 25, 2013

welcome to Olive Everly

Well, this has finally happened.  I've moved to a new blog.  I started mulling over this idea some time ago, but I just got brave enough to jump on over to a new space.  When I first started blogging, it was strictly a teaching blog, hence the name, Educated...not so Domesticated.  I am not saying goodbye to my first blog, but instead, saying "see you later, when I have time, and a passion for teacher blogging again".  Currently, I am getting my love back for the classroom after becoming a working mom, and even though things inside my room are going well, I am not in a place where I want to come home and then blog about it.  Instead, my passion for blogging has transpired with the years, and so I have created this space, Olive Everly.  You have been warned, this is strictly a mom/lifestyle blog.  And if you have been reading my first blog in the last year, no worries, it is not going to be different.  If you are looking for inspirational teaching posts, well, they aren't going to be happening here, and if that was the only reason you were reading, you probably left, oh, I'd say about a year ago this month, so keep scrolling I guess.

So today marks the start of a blog that just feels right to me.  A blog that I have technically been writing since the birth of my daughter Everly, but just didn't know how things were going to change. In the future my personal goal is to write two blogs simultaneously, but for now, I want to write where my passion is, and that is about my daughter, my family, and our journey through it all.

I hope you choose to stick around a while.  I am excited for this fresh start and to continue recording the moments that make the days amazing!