Wednesday, December 4, 2013

do you elf?

Before I even became pregnant with Everly, I had purchased my own Elf on the Shelf boxed set from Target.  It was a couple days after Christmas, and about 80% off, so I just had to pick it up.  Last year our little elf stayed on Everly's bookshelf, and this year, he has been getting a little more love.  Maybe by next year we will have named him, and will have decided exactly how we are going to "elf" in our house.  I love seeing all the creative shenanigans people have their elves get into around this time of year, but I have a feeling that this teacher mom will not be able to get too crazy with our elf tradition.  So, maybe we will do it differently.  Maybe our elf will be a special participant in our existing family Christmas traditions, like pumpkin cookie tester, master present shopper, Christmas tree hunter, judge of Christmas craft night projects, and maybe even guard Santa's cookies.

So no matter how big or small your elf traditions may be, I hope you enjoy the heck out of them. This is such an amazing time of year for family traditions.  Right now I find myself in the strange in-between space.  I am still not quite ready to let go of some of my childhood traditions, but now that I'm a mom myself, they are going to look a tad different. grown sister and I are now not the only children on Christmas morning, so how will that tradition change with time?  All I know, is the holidays were sweet before, now they are awesome with a little lady to share them with!

And so, how do you elf?

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