Tuesday, December 24, 2013

the night before christmas...

Oh Christmas Eve, the start of our many Christmas celebrations, and the one that hasn't changed at all for me since I was born.   As you get older, get married, have babes, and so on, holiday traditions change with the times.  But there is one tradition that hasn't changed, and that is Christmas Eve at my Grandma Betty's house.  For me, this day is sacred, and I also know it is the last of our holiday traditions that remains intact from my childhood, but won't last forever. So for now I will soak up each moment with my family, and be so thankful that I get to share this day, exactly how it has always been with our Everly.
Enjoy the day, however you choose to spend it!

Image by Retro Menagerie
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See last Christmas Eve's photos here

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