Wednesday, January 15, 2014

loving life's projects

right now I'm loving some of the new mini-endeavors
I'm currently embarking on
I'm trying to establish some regular posts here on this blog
begin participating more to community blogs I am passionate about
and continue to spread some love and joy through photography
so tonight I am trying to tie up some loose ends
finish editing some photos of Lennon before he is another month old
finish writing a post I started writing the other night
so I can actually obtain the whole "contributing author" status
and maybe even get just a couple of minutes where I am not a mom or a teacher
[which is hard to do when working mom guilt is a real big thing for me]

^one of my favorites, these two are killing me with cuteness^

and while editing this post I realized I used the word "trying"
a little too often, and instead of editing them out
I realized how fitting all those "tryings" really are

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