Wednesday, February 5, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [15 months]

well hello again everyone - I'm 15 months old today!
lately I've been...
saying "this" a lot
shhhh-ing everything
thinking everything needs to be cooled off
by me blowing on it, especially my kitty luna
[and every other cat for that fact]

I'm a really good mimicker, whether it be sounds
words, phrases, or actions - you can tell I'm really watching closely
I know how to talk on the phone, even if it isn't a phone
I like nodding "yes" and "no" dramatically
chasing my daddy around the house is one of my favorite games
I can climb any steps with ease
and I'm working on walking up and down them like the big people do
I twirl when I'm happy
and love holding the hands of my favorite people
and leading them to where I want to go
whether it be story time in my nursery
or playing and the big bed in the guest room
[also known as the room I can always find my Luna in]

I dance with Ellen daily
and prefer my meals on the go
even though my parents keep insisting I eat in my high chair
I prefer eating my snack while lounging on the sofa
or while whipping of some imaginary meals
I still am loving all my mom's favorite foods
for example, pretty much every fruit is alright in my book
and I even think her junk food splurges are the best
cheetos & milky way midnights may have been eaten in moderation
size wise I'm still a mini
I'm wearing size four shoes - which apparently is what
6-12 month old babies should wear, so I guess I shouldn't be expecting
to hit 6 feet tall anytime soon
maybe I'll get to be as tall as my mommy, [5'3]

I'm starting to move between 12-18 month clothing
and still rocking the size two diapers
my favorite songs currently include
John Newman's "Love Me Again"
and Katy Perry's "Dark Horse"
you can often see me running around the house with these songs
playing on my daddy's phone

and yes, my mom will most likely have me in toddler dance classes
before you know it
I also took my first photo using my mom's phone
and she even posted it to instagram for me
so yeah, I'm into artsy social-media
no big
I'm mean, I was born in 2012 after all
see you again next month
-everly mae

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