Saturday, February 15, 2014

well I just threw this one together

can I just say that I am so inspired by those moms who have got it together
they have the perfectly dressed kid with a valentine's day background
that they began planning at least a day in advance
[probably more like a week or so]
and they have a kid who will sit still in their photos
and then I love the moms who get their kids a box of valentine hearts
and call it a day
well, I'm somewhere in between
I decided one day after work to throw this together
birthday banner came out of the closet
her minnie inspired dress for vacation next week was pulled on
and 75 very blurry photos were taken of my child
this is what I could salvage
and yes, that is my lens cap that is making her extremely happy
and no, one water bottle is not enough for her
she needs every single one she own at her disposal to be content

mom blogger note: this post was written while nursing my little teething toddler

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