Friday, March 7, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [16 months]

this past week I turned 16 months
and clearly, I decided to really ring in this month with a bang
between coffee tables getting in my way
and falling off a few chairs
and my most dramatic moment
of falling headfirst into the empty bathtub
besides a few minutes of tears, a baby little bump
and a perfectly round bruise
I survived the incident, and now stay far away from the bathtub
on the doctor front, I had my checkup just about a week ago
and I sure made my mom have a hard time
because I am following in her foot steps of hating doctors
I guess what goes around comes around
sorry mom, you have several years of dealing with this
so get used to it, and make my daddy get the night off so he can be there for support
my stats are now 18 pounds, 9 ounces
putting me in the 10th percentile
but because mom was about a month late on getting me my 15 month check
my percentile is probably a little lower, but oh well
the good thing about being tiny is mom and dad like cooking my food with butter
like a lot of butter
I'm now 30 inches long, which puts me a tad below average for height
 but I don't think my family really had huge hopes for that, so okay
lately I'm still gibber jabbering along
new words I'm loving this month include
nose, eyes,
[sometimes I even call mom's sunglasses "eyes"]
I can point to my belly and bottom
[and because my mommy has a bad habit of saying butt often, 
I've not only pointed to it, but let my family know I can say butt too]
I also love saying "this"
sometimes used to point out something awesome
and other times to ask "what's this"
in addition to my words, I'm impressing those parents of mine
but signing "more" when eating
I'm working hard to say "Minnie Mouse"
but it just kind of sounds like mimimooo right now
so I'll keep working
"Luna" is just about mastered, and speaking of Luna
now that I'm such a big girl, I'm trying to pick her up
but it's not going so well, so maybe we will just keep snuggling
while on my adventures I've realized that can walk down most stairs
without any help, and not on my belly crawling backwards
just walking down like the big girl I am
I steal glasses off faces
give the absolute sweetest kisses
and cannot get enough of socializing
my parents have finally given up the "highchair battle" 
while eating out and hope for a booth instead
so I can stand, dance, move my way through dinner
and maybe eat a little too
until next month
-Everly Mae

mom blogger note: this post was written while my daughter slept in her car seat after being worn out from an evening of comic-con and dinner out, success.  now it's time to get her a fresh diaper and sleepy clothes without unleashing a baby monster, fingers crossed.

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  1. Your daughter is so adorable :) I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!