Saturday, June 7, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [19 months]

This past month has been all about words, boo boos, and being independent.  Whenever people see me now, they almost always comment on how "chatty" I've become.  Sure, a lot of my words are still of my own creation, but others are quite clear to the world.  A few weeks back I learned how to make the W sound, and while working on it, I twisted my face up completely until I got the sound just right.  Now I've got it down, and no longer look funny while making the sound, and wawawawa is now "water" in my world.  I've also mastered "side" for outside, which comes in handy when I am constantly asking to be outside.  The weather has really become much hotter outside, so good thing I've also gotten "hot" figured out.  I know that mom's coffee is hot, the ground is hot when in the sun, my food is hot when first placed in front of me, my clothes are hot when fresh out of the dryer, and the one thing I detest being hot, my car seat, and man, has it been HOT lately.
Lately I've really mastered this whole toddler thing by proudly wearing some bruises and scuffs on my knees.  Mom always tells me what a "tough cookie" I am, because even when my knee is bleeding, no tears are coming from me.  So for now, I will continue being the outdoor explorer which comes with some falls, and I won't mind them, I will just stand up and brush off my little hands.
This past month I've also mastered my love of shoes.  I love pointing out everyone's shoes, and letting them know that they are also wearing "shoes".  I even figured out how to put on my flip flops all by myself.  Sure, they are not always on the right feet, and sometimes my toes are not quite right in them either, but I don't care.  I have been showing off my stubborn and independent side when it comes to shoes, because I really don't like anyone to help me with them, and sometimes I get mad, and just throw them off.  Mom has a feeling that pretty soon my parents aren't going to be able to pick out my outfits anymore, so look forward to some crazy outfits coming your way soon!
So for now I leave you with this little image, me trying to whistle.  I'll let you know when I figure it out.  Mom still doesn't have it, so it could be a while.

Until next month - Everly Mae

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