Wednesday, July 9, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [20 months]

This past month has really been something different.  First of all, my parents have decided to do a switcheroo on me, and now mom is home with me during the day, and dad is home at night.  At first this change really had me pretty mixed up, but now I'm not complaining.  It seems like mom is around, all the time, and I'm not having to share her with any other big kids, so I'm not going to complain about the shift in my routine.  Lately I've been keeping up with my chatterbox status, and I'm getting really good at mimicking words I hear around me.  For example, just today I said "exactly" right after my grammie did, and she seemed pretty pleased by this.  My newest favorite phrase would be "oh".  First, I start off by rambling a question to myself, and then I answer myself, and then finish my conversation with myself with a good "oh".  Right now it seems that all my parents are making out is the "oh" part, so clearly I need to keep working on my sentences.
Mom thought she was getting off easy with a kid who just let her dress her in whatever.  Well, she was wrong.  I don't know what they expected?  Take a kid to Disneyland five times in less than two years and she is going to develop a liking to all things Disney, so why is mom confused when I will only wear my Minnie and Frozen apparel?  Once, I wouldn't even go swimming because mom tried to sneak a "non-Minnie" suit on me, so I just became a backyard explorer instead, in my diaper.  I've also learned to accessorize this past month.  I kept wanting to wear my mom's necklaces, and she even let me wear one out to lunch, but decided that I should have my own [that didn't have sharp pointy edges and such], so now I am the proud owner of two necklaces of my very own. 
In other news, I'm still tiny, wearing anything from 6 months to a 2T, so clearly clothing sizes are a little strange.  I'm still working the size 3 diapers, and please oh please, I hope I weigh 20 pounds.  When I went to the doctor a few weeks back I was still holding strong in the 19 pound range, so who knows?  Maybe I'll make great gains from now until my two year checkup [probably not, but it's okay].  I still love giving kisses, but sometimes I'm stingy with them.  I love holding on to the edges of my mom's dresses, and twirling around her.  I love Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street, and So You Think You Can Dance.  I really love dancing with mom and dad when we watch our dancing shows, and even take their hands to pull them off the sofa to come and dance with me.  I love going for walks in my stroller in the mornings, and asking for "wa" from my parents at night.  These walks consist of holding hands while we go find something fun in the nursery, or having mom tell me every item that is in the fridge as I point.  I love going "side" because let's face it, the outdoors are just so much better than inside.  It looks like I'll be layering up for the winter months because there is no more confining me! 
All photos were taken a few weeks ago while visiting San Diego
[clearly before my Minnie obsession really set in]

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