Thursday, August 21, 2014

lake tahoe

Right before we all headed back to school officially, we snuck up to Lake Tahoe for a night away.  I loved how much time Everly got to spend in the water this summer, whether it was a lake, a river, the ocean, and of course, her great-grandma Rose's swimming pool.  While in Tahoe we kept our visit pretty low key and just enjoyed the stoney shores at Sunnyside Lodge, and the breathtaking water and sandy beaches at Sand Harbor.  Here are just a few images of Everly enjoying her first visit [outside of her mama's tummy] to Lake Tahoe on the beach at Sunnyside Lodge.
And yes, my kid can throw stones.  Softball is clearly in the genes.

Mom Blogger Note:  This post was written while my child napped at 5pm, too much fun with daddy today means a very late nap time for this mama.  Thank god I got an early birthday coffee brought to work today - thanks Casey, I'm going to need it right around 9:30 this evening!

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