Saturday, September 13, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [22 months]

Of all the months, I think my mom is the most glad that this last one is in the books.  I started flaunting my intelligence, and my determination to not listen to my parents.  Which really just means, I'm trouble.  It all started a few months back when I went through my "Disney graphic t-only phase".  Mom thought that one was bad, but this past month I pretty much refused to wear clothes, that is, without a giant tantrum.  Or shoes for that fact.  I just wanted to have none of it, and it sure caused trying to go anywhere to be a little more work than my parents were planning on.  But because I really do love those grown ups of mine, I woke up at twenty-two months, and decided I was over it.  So for the most part, I let them dress me, and only once in a while do I interject my opinion on the manner.

I'm still gearing up for my big birthday by proclaiming I'm "TWO" whenever someone asks me my age.  I also love anything that comes in sets of two.  For instance, mom and I can't just eat one popsicle, we have to eat two of them at the same time.  Sometimes I switch my treat for hers, and other times I just like having us compare our treats together stating "two".  I also like putting two words together like "dad's shoes" and "my water".  I also love rhyming words such as house and mouse.  I'm in constant chatter mode now, and more and more seems to be getting through to the outside world.  I'm getting more real answers to my questions and less, "oh really", "mmmhmmm", and "oh I see".  I was catching on to that game pretty fast.  I also can point to every body part that mom asks to see, and I'm working on my animal noises.  Of course I have down kitties, and doggies [super realistic bark actually] and I'm working on monkey, and I make a little scrunchy nose face for bunny, thanks to Erin for teaching me this one.
In other news I love buckets, cups, baths, and all things concerning water, dirt, and outside.  This month I've been obsessed with plums and pluots, frozen yogurt and popsicles.  I seem to be getting taller, but sure not wider.  That little yellow skirt is a 12 month size, and it still is about an inch too big around the waist.  Good news, you will get to see me wear it through the spring.  I love helping outside, especially when it comes to sweeping leaves.  Mom says I'm going to love fall when the leaves are really falling, right now apparently they are falling off the trees due to a serious drought situation, but all I know is it makes for some good stomping fun while outside.  Lately I've also taking a real liking to when mom is getting ready for the day.  I've had fun with her makeup brushes and anything mom will let me get my hands on.  I don't know if my parents are quite ready for all my girlieness, but hey, at least I also like the dirt.

Until next month - Everly Mae

Mom blogger note: I literally wrote this post over an entire week.  And thanks to a nice early nap on a Saturday [a minor cold situation is helping that] I was able to put all the pieces together to finally share her monthly update, about a week late.  I guess that's why professional bloggers plan out their posts in advance.  Maybe I will try it sometime.  Better push "publish" before a little stuffy nosed toddler starts proclaiming 'MOM' in her very serious tone she is using nowadays.  

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