Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Party - Disneyland

A couple weekends ago we packed ourselves into a SUV and made the six hour trek to the happiest place on earth.  Besides some questionable leg room situations, we all made it in one piece, not to mention we had to make a stop at the tire shop before even leaving the city limits, but again, we made it.  This was our family's second Halloween Party at Disneyland, and this time we decided to take along another Disney fanatic family.  Our children both have birthdays right around Halloween, in fact, Lennon's is actually ON Halloween, so for us, treating the kids to a little Disneyland trip before their birthdays just makes sense.  And hey, in a few years they will actually get what we are doing for them!  Right now, it may be more for us!  Between costumes and a heat wave [100 degree temps, no thank you], I decided ahead of time that we were going to be iPhoning our way through the Halloween Party.  So sorry, I have a few baby/mama selfies to share.  Well, actually, I'm not too sorry about it :)
And someone even held Casey's hand.  It was a moment.

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