Sunday, October 26, 2014

oh hey, I'm ONE [23 months]

Why yes, this is the last time I will be doing a monthly update, and the last time I will be able to call myself ONE, because in less than two weeks, I'll be two.  Right now I'm all about giving hugs, mimicking, and dancing.  I can now say anything, and I'm mastering many phrases.  I'm working hard to be just like my mommy, which includes dabbling with her makeup, obsessing over gum, and working hard at sitting cris-cross applesauce, even though my legs don't seem to be agreeing with me.  This past month I've really taken a liking to books, Halloween stories are currently my favorite.  Animal noises entertain me and those around me, I especially love making elephant, monkey, and bear sounds.  To me, pumpkins say "roar" and skeletons fascinate me.  I can hardly walk by a window display without finding something spooky that catches my eye.  Lennon is my best friend, and I love associating objects or animals with my favorite people.  My auntie has her 'meow meows', Erin loves shoes, Casey plays guitar, and Grammy has Mouse.
Lip syncing is a serious obsession of mine, as well as My Little Pony, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Mommy and I also like to snuggle and watch Hocus Pocus in the evenings together.  Tutus are my favorite, and so are Annie's fruit snacks.  Piggy tails are still a must, and I'm showing my parents that potty training is just around the corner.  And depending on what you ask for, you can get a hug, a kiss, a wave, a high-five, or fist bump goodbye! 

I'm sure I'll update you again sometime soon.  
Until then,
Everly Mae

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