Tuesday, June 16, 2015

and with the winds comes change

With the amount of joy that 2014 brought, it brought equal amounts [if not more] of pain.  A topic I cannot write to still, because the hurt surrounding the loss is far too monumental.  I thought that losing my father to suicide at nineteen was some of the worst pain I could feel, but losing his entire family a decade later was far harder.  Knowing that they are simply fifteen minutes away, but I cannot see them is unbearable.

However, 2015 is looking bright, and new, and fresh, and exactly what we need. And one of the greatest shifts happening this year is moving my mom even closer to us.  Sure, she's only twenty minutes away, but after working all day, even a twenty minute drive can be enough to say, "maybe tomorrow."  My mom has only lived in her current house for about five years, and after selling the home I grew up in, I had a very hard time with the transition [change and me are not always simpatico].  Something about this latest house has just never felt right to me.  It always seemed to be a transitional house, something to get her from point A to point B, her forever home.  And hopefully, we have found just that.  Her offer has been accepted on a home just minutes from mine, and an offer just came in on her current residence, so again, change is happening, and it is looking bright, and new, and fresh, and exactly what we need.

A few weeks ago we were at her current house getting ready for her first showings to potential buyers, and it also happened to be the evening of the most amazing summer storm.  Our climate is dry, and we are also in a drought, so summer storms are something only for movies and vacation memories.  But not on this night, this night was amazing.  We watched the lighting, danced in the warm humid air, and Everly ran through pouring sheets of rain with her auntie.  Oh, and we fashioned an adorable dress out of her grammie's tank top.  And no, I cannot tell you why my child is making this model pose, she just is.
mom blogger note:  This post was written while my entire family is napping, even the cat is in on the snuggling.  And I'm ok with a little time to my thoughts. 

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