Monday, August 10, 2015

ten on ten [8.10.15]

heading back to work
and my mind is ready for it, 
but my poor baby girl is not quite sure about letting me go
saying goodbye to the biggest little tear this morning broke my heart
so as I try to figure out this routine once again
let me share some beauty in this day
1. smile for grapes, tears when she realized I was heading to work  2. the most amazing little flowers, and the fasting growing succulent  3. cheesing with Bullseye  4. new dress, thanks Target  5. Love is Real, a month late, but still as good as ever  6. exploring our old neighborhood  7. poor California, we need water to stop the fires  8. stairs  9. Pinkberry, special mommy/daughter treat for our week ahead  10. an evening with Grammie

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