Tuesday, September 29, 2015


everly says - 
"What's your problem?"
"I love my pets."
"I'm going to be a witch for Halloween.  A bad witch."
"Mommy, I like your grandma.  I go see her soon.  I like her cats."
"I'm angry girl.  Hey, that's Anger, he makes fire."
"I take my pony tails off.  My daddy helps take my pony tails off."
"I wore a crazy outfit today.  My tutu falls everywhere at daddy's doctor.  And then it falls again.  And then I fix it.  I don't want to match."
"I just hurt your computer.  That's really sad."

mom blogger note:  Making these Minnie ears is kind of addicting, turns out many party guests are getting these as favors for everly's third birthday, not just the little kids.  Oh, and I kind of want a sewing machine now, and I want to learn to sew on said sewing machine...while we're at it.

1 comment:

  1. Quote=heart. broken.

    Friend note: I have a sewing machine and I can teach you how to sew an almost straight line on said seeing machine. Yeah...you better talk to your mom.