Friday, November 13, 2015

let's make a wish

We spent the evening of Everly's birthday with her grammie.  Our poor baby was still not up to par on her birthday, evidence for this included a three hour nap that took us into the early evening.  So, instead of going out for dinner, we ordered Thai takeout.  As soon as we finished eating, Everly took my hand and walked me into the living room whispering in my ear, "mama, I think it's time for cake now, and for you to sing to me." Seriously, I just about melted into a giant puddle of love right there on the floor.  We lit the three little pink candles on top of her mini wine cake with rainbow sprinkles and sang happy birthday.  She had such a look on her face, like she had been waiting ALL day for this moment, and it was finally happening.  I just love how much she gets all of this.  Every part of her birthday is now understood in a way I couldn't imagine a year ago. She even asked me what a birthday was, so I told her.  She loves talking about how she used to be in my belly when she was tiny baby, so when she heard that it was the day we celebrated her being born, she stated, "well, I'm glad I found a way out."  Me too baby girl, me too.

And because it turns out blowing out the candles is the best part, we may have done it five or so times.  However, I'm not really complaining, because of these right here...
happy friday - cannot wait to celebrate three again tomorrow!

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