Friday, June 3, 2016


donuts two days in a row, yes please.  last day of school donuts, first day of summer donuts, pretty sweet.  
this year, thanks to her daddy's perseverance, everly will eat donuts.  her favorites are actual just plain sugar donuts, which always seems like such a sophisticated donut to me.  as a kid, it needed lots of chocolate and sprinkles to make me into it. since today is such a thing thanks to social media, we had slim pickings at the local donut shop, and it was only 10 a.m., but we just had to suffer through with our rainbow sprinkle varieties.  of course, a few bites in everly decided we need to taste each others, which ultimately ended in us switching.  again, I know, the struggle is real.  

here's our baby last year, looking cute in photos, but only eating a sprinkle.  exactly, one sprinkle.  
^this was her expression when I asked her to take a 'real bite'^

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