Saturday, November 5, 2016

four is just more! happy birthday to everly mae.

FOUR!  It's officially here, and man, does it feel good.  It seemed like my little toddler transformed into a little girl butterfly overnight.  The challenges of three feel so far behind.  And even though I can start to feel that I am needed in a very different way than before, I'm not too sad about the baby phase officially being over.  In fact, I think the kid phase is a pretty great place to be.  We celebrated in so many ways this year, and the month of October was simply a blur, so much that I'm looking forward to relaxing in the upcoming holiday season, if you can understand how crazy that sounds, that's how crazy our October was.
So, here's to a big girl loft bed.  A head of beautiful blonde curls only tamed by one tiny ponytail sitting slightly skewed on your head.  Leggings that still are labeled with a '2' on the insides.  A plate that is filled primarily with fruit, and Annie's mac-n-cheese.  Tim Burton movies on replay, and The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack forever hummed, and Elf on in the background as we decorate for Christmas the first week of November.  Holidays are something to obsess over, so are all Disney movies, and Halloween books are your preference, any time of the year.  Pre-school is your jam, letters are exciting, and writing cannot be done enough.  Nursery rhymes are known because of your Nona, and getting you to leave her house without crying is still a challenge.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.
We all love you to the moon and back.

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