Sunday, December 4, 2016

a little christmas cheer in the city

it was surely time to soak up a little extra christmas cheer - so off to san francisco it was.  my sister planned the perfect day and the weather equally matched our wishes.  Everly was such a champ, and literally only had one meltdown, when I said she could only have one pinkberry.  turns out, she ended up getting two.

 here are way too many photos of our little day trip!
^made it to auntie's house in oakland^
^lunch at Forge in Jack London Square^
^waiting for the ferry in Oakland^
^ferry ride to Pier 41^
^you would really think I would clean my lens film at some point in time^
^first ride on a cable car^
^union square^
^view from the new Apple Store^
^playing with apple magic pretty much^
^pinkberry number one^
^pinkberry number two^
^she had fallen asleep sitting up on the ferry - so photos were no longer an option^

take a look at the first time we did this here 

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