Tuesday, April 11, 2017

sometimes, you just need to go out for ice cream [gunthers - local-lovin']

this week has been a funny one.  either everly is having the best day ever, or man, the tears. we are back on a real clothes struggle.  she just doesn't seem to like how anything feels.  we have just the right socks [extra thick super hero socks are her jam], but if she puts them on just a little off, then there are instant tears.  again, we're working on it.  so besides the frequent rainy spring break days, and some real toddler meltdowns, we were feeling like we just wanted to get out for a bit.  we haven't been to Gunther's since last summer, so a treat it really was.  I've also realized I love ice cream when it is cold, but not my go-to favorite at Gunther's - the 50/50.  those are best to save for a really hot day, so instead, I tried the flavor of the month, black raspberry oreo.  um, yes, please and thank you.  maybe we can get back one more time this april for another scoop!

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