Tuesday, July 18, 2017

most days [nine years married today]

marriage is about the most days.
not the every day.
most days there isn't any other place you want to be.
most days you see perfection in the little things.
most days you see constant growth and trying.
most days you are reminded why you aren't married
to someone else you see on the street.
because most days, you look at each other with thankful eyes,
and think, geez, I'm glad that's not you.
and maybe that's just us, but that happens, most days.
most days you remember that you picked that person.
and that person picked you.
and it doesn't matter if others get it.
because most days, they are the one person who gets you.
and for the other days.
well, they don't matter, as long as you have most days.
 happy nine years of marriage to us

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