Tuesday, September 27, 2011

little happy list

today I'm taking an amazingly simple yet awesome idea from naomi over at rockstar diaries
I'm joining in and making my own happy list

here is what's making me smile this week -
1. turkey burgers on the patio with the husband
2. having a student who was just moved out of my class due to a schedule change come back to me and say he missed my classroom.  when I asked what was so different, he said it just wasn't quite as colorful in his new class.  that works for me.
3. taking a walk on quiet tree lined streets.
4. being able to say hello to 165 students that are mine.  and that I know their names.
5. seeing my apartment decorated for halloween.
6. knowing I get to see my former students this friday at fall festival.  and yes, I will be face painting.
7. watching new t.v.
8. having almost all the work from the colonial fair hanging up as you can see below.
So what's making your happy list this week?


  1. I love how your classroom is filled with student projects! I am also glad that fall tv is back!

  2. I am happy for:
    today off with my little guy
    sewing a gift for a friend
    students who are pretty cool
    and tomorrow being Friday!