Saturday, October 1, 2011

october - busy from the start

today was my first official day of my masters program
yes I've been reading and "critically responding" for a couple of weeks now
but today I actually was in class
 which was pretty great actually, besides the whole 6:30 wake up on Saturday
and that I do the whole thing over again tomorrow!
thankfully I have some great friends doing the program with me 
and that is making a huge difference
after class the husband and I went shopping
thankfully - our fridge was bare
working for two months without a paycheck has been rough
we were looking like broke college kids again!
we also took a stroll down the candy aisle while at Target
I think it took us five minutes to decide on just the right bag
what combination would bring us the greatest happiness?
we settled on hershey's mini bars, blow pops, and snickers grab bag

hopefully this week I'll have some more time and energy for posting
we'll see - I have an "Arts Rationale" paper looming
so, yeah, just maybe
but - happy october!


  1. You picked some great candy choices! Even when i'm at my poorest, I will always have some extra dollars for Candy Corn, and Candy Pumpkins!

  2. Girrrrrrrrrrl, I am in my second year of graduate classes and it is kicking my asphalt! Keep thinking about the greater good though... more money in the paycheck. And all that you'll learn, sure. ;)