Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review - "us" edition

this year was pretty great - here are a few reasons why:
lots of mini-road trips: I loved making these trips our own married-life traditions
 apple hill, daffodil hill, solvang
our home got a major mid-century makeover
started an annual camping trip
we celebrated 3 years of marriage
I turned 27 & the husband 30
and thankfully we have some pretty awesome friends that keep all of our
celebrations so much fun
and I can do this review for one other reason - I started blogging again this year
I've enjoyed this process so much
and when working on this review I have realized how much this blog has grown in 2011
so thanks for all those awesome people who decide to drop by and read what's been going on with me!
up next: 2011 in review - classroom edition

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