Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 review - classroom edition

ended my fourth year of teaching with crazy mixed emotions
left my safety-zone of teaching elementary
started my fifth year
and quickly figured out the pro's & con's of teaching middle school
here's looking back at 2011 - in my classrooms
2011 also brought me to one of my biggest grown-up decisions to date -
and with that being said I choose an art integration program
because clearly it was a good fit for me
some of my favorite elementary art projects of 2011:    here   here  &  here
middle school art projects:    here   here   &   here
I'm really looking forward to finishing my year in middle school
but with every new year will bring the start of "job conversations"
will I have one - yes - but where & what?
and when will I know?
but for now I'll keep documenting my journey in the classroom
the ups & the downs
and all the in-betweens

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