Thursday, August 16, 2012

and so year 6 began today

well another first day of school is in the books
and all in all I would say it was a success
I think the funniest part for me going from 8th grade back down to 6th
and how little these guys seemed to me
I remember back in the day when I taught 6th grade the kids seemed so grown up
but, with that being said I was coming off of teaching kindergarten 
so just about anyone seemed giant
today I started off with the best way I know how to start the year off
talking about myself
I do this through a little True/False quiz with random facts about me
(and hearing their reasoning for their answers was pretty impressive)
as well as a "grab bag" of items that are special or personal to me
it seems key for me to have my kids quickly realize I am not a robot
and that they just might actually have something in common with me
whether it be sports, my love of harry potter, or maybe even being left-handed
so today was mostly about me
and tomorrow will mostly be about them
and then onto some "real" routines on monday
and yes, I am loving having school start on a Thursday
that was a change this year, and I hope we keep it around


  1. found you through the pyrex collective, but love this post for the classroom. i will follow you and read more later. this is my first year teaching middle school, one subject 6 periods a day...i was a former elementary teacher and finding cute and clever classroom wall hangings and art was very difficult for me. i may have to use some of your ideas. :)

    1. I learned quickly last year [my first year in middle school after four in elementary] that you really have to make your own signs, teacher stores just don't cut it for the age group. Good luck transitioning to teaching the same thing 6 times a day, that was SO hard for me to get used to. Now that I'm teaching two subjects to the same group of kids it is weird for me to transition more into my "elementary" ways. it is amazing how quickly you will find yourself adjusting!

      thanks for stopping by :)