Friday, August 17, 2012

27 weeks

this week was a busy week for me and baby
putting the final touches on my classroom and starting the first days of school
but all in all, we handled the heat wave and the hours of work like champs
little E is moving so much these days
especially at night when the mr. and I are taking it easy on the sofa
she really likes feeling like she is part of the action by making sure we don't forget
that she is also there
this week I also made a very exciting purchase
my first maternity jeans, and man, are they a bit of heaven
I think that even after the little lady is born I am going to have a hard time giving them up
and on another note, I think stripes should be a staple in every pregnant lady's closet
I am absolutely in love with them
happy friday, and tomorrow we are getting to have a visit from some great friends
that we do not get the chance to see enough
yeah for weekends with friends, and a high temperature finally not in the 100's
oh, and goodbye to my second trimester, third trimester here we come!

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