Sunday, August 19, 2012

time to get crafty

so I've decided that Pinterest is the best & worst thing to happen when party planning
there are so many amazing ideas out there
and it is all about figuring out which ones to tackle
so today jessica and I started some projects for the upcoming baby shower
we made some streamers to hang around the tables
and they were super easy and we LOVE how they turned out
and because they are too cute to put away in a drawer for the next month
I decided to hang them in the windows behind E's crib until the shower
(with a little help from Jessica's height)
now I can't wait to keep getting crafty
and see how everything comes together


  1. Lovely colors! Pinterest is a tad bit overwhelming at times! I love your new blog header, very cute!

    1. thanks - decided to simplify a bit! and yes, keeping focused is easier said than done :)