Tuesday, August 21, 2012

simple summer sorbet sweet treat

yup, that's what I'm calling this pie
and the good news is
it is much easier to make then to say the whole name I just came up with
right before school started the mr. & I were able to have a little b.b.q
with some great friends
and I snagged this recipe for the amazing dessert we had that night

all you need are 3 ingredients [my kind of recipe]
1. your favorite sorbet flavor - I went with raspberry, the original flavor we tasted
2. cool whip
3. pie crust - I love chocolate & fruit together, so I opted for the Oreo crust, but graham cracker crust would work too
and that's it
putting it together is just as simple
1. soften the frozen goods
2. scoop sorbet into crust and then smooth
3. top with cool whip and return to freezer to firm
thanks Hailee for making this for us, we loved it
and I'm loving the one I have waiting for me in the freezer right now