Wednesday, August 29, 2012

happy birthday to the mr.

well the husband turned 31 today
and unfortunately he has to work late
so we will be celebrating this weekend
and instead I'm spending the evening with this little one
and yes, Luna is in E's crib
and no she shouldn't be
and yes I probably should be getting her out ASAP and not taking pictures
but she is SO cute, I just couldn't help myself
and the funniest part is she completely ignored the crib for months
still wasn't having it when the mattress was put in
but as soon as we put these cute little sheets on
she found her way in very fast
so we will keep working on it
and no, she is not in there right now, but being a good girl and sitting with me
on the sofa, just like a good fur baby should


  1. Cats love cribs! When our sons were babies we had a screen door made to fit the nursery so that the cat would stay out but we could still hear the babies if they cried. I painted the door a bright color and it really made the nursery look quite cozy.

    1. Denise - thank you for the suggestion, and down the road when we have a house we will be able to do that. Unfortunately, we live in a one bedroom flat, so our nursery is in the center of the house with no way to keep little luna out! we are just going to have to keep training her to stay out of the crib, we've got a few months to do it :)

  2. Luna is so funny