Sunday, September 2, 2012

little happy list

so it has been quite a while since I've done a little happy list
and recently I've been feeling very happy about a lot of little things
so I figured it was time to make another one

here's what is making me happy right now

1. finding our vintage china in a thrift store for the very first time, nineteen more pieces were added to the collection for $18, very happy about that
2. hearing from many of my new classroom parents that their child loves my class, and after having some parent drama this last week, those positive comments were welcomed at Back to School Night
3. having a four day weekend, even though friday was technically a furlough day, I'm still going to enjoy the time off
4. sleeping in until 9, something I haven't done in months and months and months
5. a yogurt date with a great friend, talking about all the exciting things we have coming up in our lives in the next year or so
6. the past two days have been a little sneak peek into fall weather, and I could not be happier about that.  being "chilled" in the mornings and evenings is the best feeling after too many days over 100
7. getting crafty for little E
8. catching up with Boardwalk Empire, a t.v. show that has my name written all over it
9. knowing that Halloween is right around the corner, and even though decorating will be toned down this year [since E could arrive right around that time] I still can't wait to break out some spooky fun
10. sharing so many favorite things with the mr. - including our obsession with the show, The Walking Dead - so finding this yesterday while thrifting, made my day, and was something fun to text the husband while he was working all day

so yay for September, I'm pretty stoked your awesomeness is here
what's making you happy right now?


  1. Oh my goodness! If I saw that sign I would have to leave out of pure fear! I hate all things scary. Never the less I still watch the walking dead (with one eye closed)!

    1. I feel like the first season especially I was watching with hands over my eyes, either I've gotten used to the craziness of walkers, or the second season was calmer [I'm thinking a bit of both!]

      the mr. and I can hardly wait for the next season, the prison is going to be crazy, and it starts right before everly comes, which is doubly crazy!