Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a disney halloween good time

a little over a week ago the mr. and I took our last little road trip
as just mr. and mrs.
and we took advantage of our annual passes to disneyland
we finally got to see the park decorated for halloween
so since I had a lot of time in the park to take pictures
due to the fact that most of my favorite "big rides" 
aren't exactly friendly to pregnant women
here is what I did
 and to celebrate the fact that we were in disneyland exactly
 one month before my due date
we bought one of these AMAZING carmel apples
we split the one on the bottom right hand corner
apple, carmel, oreo crumbles, white chocolate drizzle and gummy worms
we took it back to the hotel, chilled it for a bit [my preference]
and then enjoyed every last bite, yum, I now want another one

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