Friday, October 26, 2012

maternity leave is for...

many things getting checked off the to-do list
and I've been off for a week now and I am amazed how I got anything done before
when working full time
because man, I've been busy, everyday
so here's what maternity leave has been for lately:
-catching up on masters homework
-spending time with Luna who now apparently likes me a lot more
 now that I'm not working
-decorating treat cups for our little halloween get-together tomorrow
-watching Everly move around like crazy
-learning that taking laundry out of the dryer is an art form when 
we are talking baby clothes
[my first attempt left a pretty crazy trail of little things through the house]
-having time to realize that your friends are obsessed with Skittles 
[and actually remembering to stock up for the weekend]
-picking out the perfect pumpkins
-realizing that lunch is now my main meal because by dinner 
there just doesn't seem to be any more room for a "real meal"
-taking mini road trips to see some important people before E arrives
-getting used to people saying "this is the last time I'll see you before baby time"
[which is crazy to me for some reason]
-learning that I am really picky when it comes to buying clothes for Everly
[like super picky]

there has been some resting
there has been a LOT of good sleeping
and a ton of enjoying fall
and getting so excited that our little one is coming during my favorite time of year

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