Monday, October 1, 2012

welcoming my favorite month

October is simply an amazing month
however, this year I haven't quite taken full advantage of it's awesomeness yet
today, it was 100 degrees here in northern california
and pretty much the worst way to welcome in this month that is supposed to be filled
with all things fall
by next week we should be in the 80's, but still, not quite tights & scarves weather
besides the weather, something else shocking has happened this October first
I am still not decorated for Halloween
for many years now, I have taken advantage of the mr. 
working all of labor day weekend to decorate for Halloween
however, pregnancy has a silly way of making you find other things to do
so hopefully this weekend I will get a few things put up
just to feel a little more like myself
[recycled image from last year, again - kind of the theme this fall, until it starts feeling like fall[
so here are a few of my goals for this month:

#1 keep miss everly mae happy enough in my tummy to not make her appearance until at least November 1st
#2 go to a pumpkin patch
#3 bake any type of pumpkin goodies I can come up with
#4 visit apple hill again this year, maybe this time during the week 
while I'm on maternity leave and the place isn't crazy
#5 get costumes - just in case we can still have a minor halloween shindig
#6 wear a scarf
#7 wear shoes that are closed-toe & have a back for that fact
#8 visit my sister meg in her new oakland apartment
#9 carve jack-o-lanterns again this year
#10 try to wrap my head around the fact that this will be the last month that the mr. & I are
"just the two of us"

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