Tuesday, November 27, 2012

oh hey, I'm three weeks old today

well, technically I'm three weeks and one day old today
this week I have been very busy with the following:
-I rolled over from my tummy to my back while laying on the sofa with daddy
[apparently that is pretty cool for someone my age]
-used my pinky fingers to hold my own bottle
[my mom was so impressed by this she was snapping photos of me like mad]
-my mom finally figured out I wasn't getting enough food and she started giving me extra goodness in a bottle and I gained a whole pound in one week
[now I don't have to go back to the dr. until January!]
-I accidentally petted our kitty Luna while doing one of my many daily stretches, I liked it, she liked it, I think I'll do it again soon
-I had my first shopping trip to the mall where mom left very happy because she found some dresses she said she can feed me in, so that sounds like good news for me
-I had two thanksgivings where I met so many family members, I think holidays are going to be some good times for me in the future
-we found grammy her christmas tree and decorated it
[the whole thing exhausted me so I slept through it all]
time for me to get back to my napping
it is pretty much my favorite thing to do right now
-Everly Mae


  1. Oh my - sooo cute, and such a cute post too. Keep it up Everly Mae(and Mommy)!

  2. Awwwww. . . Sigh. It seems like only yesterday my girls were small . . .

    1. I know, people keep telling me how fast everything goes, and I am trying not to think about it and just enjoy each day!

  3. Awwwww. . . Sigh. It seems like only yesterday my girls were small . . .