Thursday, November 29, 2012

putting things into perspective

today I got restless
I wanted to go do something
but the rain and Everly made getting out and about a little tricky
and the fact that I had a to-do list that needed my attention
we did get a walk in before things got too stormy
but other than that we've been house-bound
at one point I was feeling a tad stressed with the masters homework I 
had to finish before this weekend
and still frustrated that I am still needing to supplement E with a good amount
of formula to not starve her
and even though I had dishes to unload and laundry to put away
and thank you cards to write, I was feeling bored
and that was when the mr. reminded me of what is most important
Everly was sleeping next to me while I was working
and he said
"just look at her, we cannot be stressed about anything when we have her.  just look at that little bundle of joy, it will all be fine."
and that is so true
because right now she is sleeping on me while I type with one hand
and that could never be a bad thing
so even though every day might not be jam packed with
outings and adventures
and some days we will just need to stay home and get things done
we are lucky to have our Everly

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