Sunday, December 2, 2012

everly's newborn photos

there is nothing better than getting a very exciting email
on a sunday afternoon when you have been in class all weekend
missing your baby
and watching the clock a little too much
so when I saw we had E's newborn pictures 
ready to go
it pretty much made my day
here are just a few of my favorites
and yes, normally newborn pictures are filled with very sleepy babies
but not our Everly
considering she is a baby that is a great sleeper
she only has her eyes closed in one of these photos!
she was just too excited to be hanging out with Sarah
and getting her picture taken
clearly she has a mama that won't ever put her own camera down


  1. Super adorable! She has such an expressive face!

    1. thanks - yes, she gets her expressions from me, even though she looks so much like her daddy!

  2. What beautiful photos! I love how you incorporated Christmas lights in your photo shoot. And Everly has the cutest expressions!

    1. thanks Kiki - I love the lights too, we just had to be careful because the bulbs get hot sooooo fast!