Monday, December 3, 2012

oh hey, I'm four weeks old today

well, four weeks ago today I was born
which I suppose makes me a month old
but I think today I will celebrate being four weeks old
and on the 5th of December I'll celebrate being one month old
because that just sounds like more fun
and eventually I won't know how many weeks old I am
so while I do, I'm going to party it up
so here's what I did today to celebrate this milestone:
-took a bath, and yes, they are still amazing
-dressed in head to toe christmas gear
-took my first trip to costco where many friendly people said hi to me
[even though I was busy sleeping]
-went to sushi with the parentals where mom was actually able to eat "real" sushi again now that she isn't busy growing me, and she seemed really happy about it
-got my social security card today in the mail, so mom said I'm now a real person
[that's good to know]
-and I had such a good day I decided to stay awake for it for almost four hours at one point, a true record for me so far
unfortunately, today is also the last day that my dad is home full time
so they say he is back to work tomorrow
and we will just have to see how that all pans out for mom and I this week
-Everly Mae

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