Saturday, November 17, 2012

the one post I wish someone would have written

even before I was pregnant I read many different posts 
from the various awesome mommy bloggers out there
I was ready for so many parts of pregnancy and motherhood
what to pack for the hospital, what to expect your first couple of days of parenthood, etc.
however, the one post that I wish I would have read
would have been about clothing, yes, go figure
this past week I have realized that I officially have no "nursing friendly" clothing
like none
there are downsides to dressing very modestly and loving dresses
they pretty much make it impossible to feed the little lady on the go
so here is what I wish I would have been told before delivering:
1) your body will bounce back to close to your original size right after baby [nature is crazy awesome like that], but don't expect your old wardrobe to work like it used to, and maternity clothes are also not going to fit how you want, so you most likely will have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear - and this may sound silly, but that could in fact get some "baby blues" tears flowing, and flowing fast
2) loose fitting dresses are great for your changing waistline, but if they are not button down or have thin straps, they are not going to work for on the go feedings
3) invest in some button down tops and cardigans
4) know you will be fitting into your jeans, but they will not feel as comfortable as those awesome maternity ones you have been used to for the past couple of months, buttons and zippers are just not as great as that elastic waistband you have been rockin', so be warned
so bottom line, check your closet before delivering to see if anything you own 
will work for nursing
and if it won't, take a trip and buy a few things for yourself
not just your soon to be baby
because dressing Everly is officially the easiest part of my mornings
dressing myself on the other hand, challenge number one


  1. Yes! I remember being so excited to wear my 'old clothes' and then realising I wouldn't be able to tuck anything in... or have a back zip... or my arm wouldn't fit out of the holes properly. It was so frustrating! Even now when Felix usually only feeds at bedtime, the few times I've worn an un-nursing friendly outfit he has wanted to feed all day.

    I hope you can find some nice things that work for you. If nothing else it's a good excuse to get a new wardrobe! My go-to has been singlets with stretchy neck-holes, then I just pull up whatever I have over the top, pull the singlet down and I'm still mostly covered :)

    1. it still has been a challenge, but I have a few go to outfits, and just make sure to do the laundry often! Yesterday I was trying to make a tank dress work and there was a little seem popping going on as I tried to work my arm out of the hole, oh well, I don't think any major damage was done!