Friday, January 25, 2013

co-sleeping works for us

if you would have asked me before Everly was born if I was going to co-sleep
my answer would have been, kind of
we have a co-sleeper bed for E to sleep in
and if you haven't seen one, it is pretty much a basket you put your baby in
and then you put the basket in with you in the bed
well, Everly has slept in it a total of zero times
she just wouldn't have it
since this little thing made her big debut
she has not slept anywhere but near us
even the first night she refused to sleep in the little hospital bed
they bring you when rooming in with your baby
instead, that little bed was used for nothing but changing her diaper
she slept in my arms the first night
we tried when we got home a few different things
the first night she slept in a swing
and if my memory serves me right, she has been in our bed since day three
so now we sleep belly to belly
and I couldn't love it any more
for a nursing baby, co-sleeping just makes sense, at least it does for us
Everly doesn't cry at night, like at all
she wakes me up by waving her arms a bit, or cooing, or a little of both
but no crying, which is a relief since we live above a very nice couple
that have already raised their kids, and might not be too happy being up all night
with our little one
but anyways, I digress
so, this isn't a research-based post on co-sleeping
and if you want that, maybe check out this or this
but here are a few things to keep in mind
make sure the little one stays flat, and stay away from heavy blankets
Everly usually just has a sheet from her waist down
and since we are right next to each other, she never gets cold
I think the first thing that people ask when they hear we co-sleep is
"aren't you worried about rolling over on her?"
well, no, not really
risk factors for rolling over on your little one include
the use of alcohol, drugs, or obesity 
[the first two seem pretty obvious to me, but hey, there you go]
they also say that nursing mothers have even more instinct about where their baby 
is in relation to themselves while sleeping
and I find this to be so true
I can tell if the mr. has gotten too close to us
and I instantly find myself swatting him back onto his side of the bed
talk about a protective mother
but here's the deal, I love sleeping with this little lady
waking up with her is such an amazing way to start the day
she is always so happy in the mornings, like extra happy
and sure, one day she will sleep in her crib
but for now, co-sleeping works for us


  1. That was our experience as well, and later lil dude moved to a little crib in our room. Mornings really are fun, I'm due in July and can't wait!

    1. Well I'm glad you made the transition easily, that is my only worry, but loving every minute to fret about "down the road". Congrats on the summer arrival as well, do you know boy or girl?

  2. just found your blog. we LOVED co-sleeping too! enjoy that sweet baby...time flies! xo *laura*

    1. thanks, I'm trying to soak up every moment I can with her!!! glad you found me, hope you will stick around ;)