Saturday, January 26, 2013

how my daughter has made me a calmer person

since I was born, I pretty much hit the ground running
with a pretty intense personality [sorry mom]
now being a type A kind of girl has its upsides
like graduating from college in three years and being in your career at twenty-two
but my whole life I have always felt like I am moving non-stop
I remember when on break from classes in college
or on summer break from teaching, and just being restless
not enough to do, and too much time, ha, those were the days
when I thought of myself pregnant, or as a mom, I pictured a very wound-up persona
reading every book on pregnancy and parenting on the planet
always worried about sleep schedules and current parenting practices
but something funny happened when I actually became pregnant with Everly
I had no interest in those books, I only read one, Your Best Birth
[which I highly suggest, but that probably will be another post all together]
and even though I had my fair share of nesting, it was by no way what 
I thought it was going to be like
[no, I wasn't cleaning out the fridge at 2am like I was told]
my Everly changed me before she was even born
now, I am by no way saying I am cool as a cucumber
but I just feel a new calm
if it takes us two hours to get ready and leave the house, so be it
if I only get one errand done in a day, well, that is a victory
masters homework will get done when it really needs to get done
when I wake up before the entire family, I can just lay there forever
and stare at my little family
before Everly, as soon as my eyes opened in the morning, I was OUT of bed, stat
but not now
so let's just say that motherhood changed me in a way I did not expect
and I kind of love it
and I have a feeling my blood pressure will thank me in the future
not to mention when raising a girl gets really fun, like the teenage years
well, hopefully I'll still have a little calm from my Everly to get me through


  1. This is such a nice thought-- that motherhood can actually slow you down and add to calm. I've always worried it would make me more anxious, too. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. You are welcome Olivia - it caught me surprise as well!

  2. :) I'm that early high school graduate, double major, always moving, and restless when there is nothing to do. I get ya. I Think this is great! Learning to slow down is something I need to do too. :) Babies have a wonderful way of teaching you things! :) It's beautiful, really. I love that picture of you two, as well.

    1. Thanks Caitlyn - it is crazy how I look at myself before everly and it just feels like I was a totally different person, and I'm glad that I had "both" types of me ;)

  3. I'm also a super duper type A personality but recently, since we are beginning to seriously talk about babies, I have been trying to practice being more chill. My recent project is convincing myself that if the house isn't spotless at all times, that's ok. It just means I've been spending time doing things I enjoy or just hanging out with my husband. I'm glad to hear that motherhood has chilled you out. I certainly hope it will have the same effect on me! Thanks so much for this post.

    1. I'm glad you liked this post so much. Good luck with future baby endeavors - and it is just crazy how things can change sometimes without you even trying sometimes. If you are already trying to make time to enjoy more of the little things you will be oh so ready for some calm in mommy hood!

  4. It's nice that you are taking the time to enjoy this season in your life. A baby will put things in perspective, that's for sure.

    1. Couldn't agree more, everly surely did it for me :)