Monday, January 28, 2013

just shopping in san francisco with the girls

yesterday Everly went on her first trip to San Francisco
we were on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses for Jaymee's wedding
and from start to finish the day was a success
we found dresses and shoes
changed diapers on Bart
[bay area regional transit]
and were even asked if we were looking for prom dresses
and considering I'm on the closer side of thirty
I'm going to take that as a compliment
and clearly even having Everly in my arms isn't aging me much!
and even after a day of shopping with the girls
E still had a little energy for a quick pizza date 
with those boys we left behind
[I think she had more energy than Jaymee and myself actually]
talk about a thankful mama
I feel like with every week I get more confident with our outings
and I find myself forgetting how road trips used to be before Everly Mae
and I'm pretty ok with that

all photos edited with Afterglow

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