Wednesday, April 24, 2013

oh hey, I'm 24 weeks old

hey folks, I am so close to six months old I can just taste it
speaking of tasting things, I have now officially tried rice cereal
and homemade sweet potatoes, and I'm not having either
I'm perfectly content with boobie snacks, but I guess there is more to eating than just that
so I'll give it another try next week
I do have two great looking teeth
they are so shiny and white, and sharp
I have brought many people to near tears with them
which is funny to me, because I chomp on my hand all day with no issues
and they call me a baby
in other news, I'm still working on crawling
my newest trick is sitting up and moving off of mom's lap
when I'm done boobie snacking
she doesn't seem too amused
and I keep hearing "that's why she's our ten percent-er"

this week I've also started giving some hugs
and my parents seem pretty into them
baths are getting way more fun too
there are toys, and turns out, I can make splashes with my hands
and mom is letting me stay in a little longer to play, fun for me
besides that, I can pull myself up into a standing position when sitting
as long as I have something to grab onto, people, sofa, stuffed animals
you get the picture
oh, and I now roll over from front to back, and back to front
time for me to enjoy this wonderfully warm afternoon with a little walk 
with my parents
until next week
-Everly Mae

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