Monday, April 22, 2013

we share the same expression these days

going back to work seemed manageable for the first week or two, but lately, I'm feeling like nothing is getting done, or to be more specific, nothing is getting done well.  and that folks, well, it is putting me over the edge.  yes, I am forgetting my yard duty these days.  In six years of teaching I don't think I ever missed a duty, and since I have been back to work after Everly, I haven't been to a single one.  and today, that was pointed out by a teacher who didn't even know my name.  ouch. I almost cried. 

I'm trying my best, but I am spread SO thin, and everything seems to be suffering.  I know that things will get better, and I will be done with my masters in June, but that date could not come soon enough.  so I will be trying to keep things short and sweet around here, so I can get the most time possible with my little lady, because right now I am not getting enough time with her.

and why is Everly rocking this face?  well, we have been introducing solids, and she still is not having it.  rice cereal, blah. homemade sweet potatoes, bleh.  I think we will be trying a banana puree next, fingers crossed.  she is making all the "I'm ready for food" motions, but still seems pretty confused about the whole thing.  so we will take it slow, and for now, we will just have grumpy faces together.  or, I'll just give Everly a little food break, and I'll pretend like I have no work calling my name, and we will blow strawberries on Everly's little bare belly and call it a night.  ok, we're going with plan b.


  1. SO hard. I can't imagine how much energy it's taking to be mom/wife/teacher/student. That's a lot. YOU CAN DO IT!
    Have you tried steaming and pureeing pears? It's like candy...and is supposed to keep little digestive systems moving along.

    1. I will try pears! Hoping she's not going to be a picky eater, hopefully just not quite ready yet! Thanks for the encouraging words dianna - I'm just taking things day by day ;)