Thursday, May 16, 2013

oh hey, I'm 27 weeks old

yes, I might have missed a week here
I was too busy having fun as an official six month old baby
and let's just say I've been shocking my parents all week long
first off, I'll start with my biggest news
I'm a crawler
now sure, I have some perfecting of my skills still
but I can now get anywhere I want to
[mom will be baby proofing the house officially this weekend]
and turns out, paper really does the trick to getting me crawling
I just can't get enough of paper
[I might have even eaten a tiny bit a time or two]
the other thing I love crawling to is my luna, or my hoho's
besides crawling, I'm really showing how much I resemble gumby sometimes
going from sitting to crawling position can get a little tricky
and sometimes my mom says I look like I'm made of rubber
I really don't notice it however when I am on a mission to move
 this week I also experienced my first season of "So You Think You Can Dance"
I love the music, and the fact that dad dances with me for pretty much every song
so that's something fun to look forward to this summer
other things I'm looking forward to is mom feeling better
let's face it, she just isn't as much fun when she is super sick
finally, today daddy heard me really working on my words
so we will see when my mouth finally figures out what I'm trying to say
oh, and my mom wants to remind everyone that tomorrow is the last day to enter the 
giveaway with Retro Menagerie - go here to enter!
-Everly Mae


  1. Oh boy! Miss Everyly, your parents are going to be so busy chasing you :). Have fun exploring now that you're on the move!

  2. I cannot get enough of her smile! It's adorable and I'm seriously loving all of the photos you post of Miss Everly. :)

    p.s. And crawling!!! That's so exciting and it sounds super busy, too!