Wednesday, May 15, 2013

on our little ones

Yes, I have been gone for a bit.  Let's just say, if something was going to happen, it all happened in the last four days.  First off, our little fur baby Luna kept us up all night on Friday night getting sick.  No good, but we assumed she would get over it, so we kept our eyes on her a little closer, and hoped for the best.  I spent Mother's Day in bed sick, fever, the whole nine yards.  I was so sad that I was missing my first Mother's Day, it just wasn't how I planned it, but I tried to keep things in perspective.  Let's just say that Luna and I continued to be sick, I stayed home from work on Monday, and she went to the vet that same day [poor daddy had a sick kitty, sick mommy, and a busy baby all on his own].  When all was said and done, we finally got the green light on Tuesday that she was going to be fine, but man, we have never had anything happen to our first little baby, and it was scary.  I'm on the mend too, no voice still, so good thing this isn't a vlog.  And man, the existence of history documentaries has gotten me through the week.  I don't think my kids mind too much, and let's face it, the year is practically over, so let's just get through what we can.  But bottom line, you cannot teach without your voice, so I do what I can.

Way back in the beginning of January I took these photos of Everly and Luna, and meant to post them, oh, well, probably in the middle of January.  But, seeing as how it is the middle of May, I guess I didn't stick too close to that timetable.  But after our little scare with Luna, I am so glad that I have these photos now to post about our girls.

When the Mr. and I adopted Luna we had just recently been married, and had never had a pet since we had become "grown ups".  So, as many of you know, Luna was really our baby.  When we adopted her the tag at the SPCA said that she was not a good cat with other animals or children.  Well, the other pets wasn't a problem, and I guess I just had a good feeling about Luna, so we adopted her anyways.  And man, did we get lucky.  Luna has really been an amazing kitty.  She is so social and acts more like a dog than a cat sometimes.

 The whole time I was pregnant I could tell that Luna knew something was going on, she just couldn't quite figure it out.  Since we brought Everly home from the hospital Luna has been amazing, very curious at first, but soon she realized that she now had one more person to give her attention.  And man, does Everly love her fur sissy too.  She loves petting her, watching her walk around, and pretty much can't get enough of her.  In fact, the one time Everly threw a little tissy fit was when Luna wouldn't come and give her attention, she's that into her.  She even has a special voice she uses for Luna, I'm serious, when she talks with animals it is a whole different tone.  Love it.

So, with all of that, I am just saying I am so thankful for our little family, fur baby and all.  This scare also made us realize we need to give Luna even more loving these days, it can be so hard with Everly stealing the show sometimes!

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